Effect of using rubber-metal seismic bearings on the dynamic and static characteristics of a multi-storey building.

Building constructions, buildings and structures

Seismic danger is a significant factor in the choice of residence and has a great impact on the economic side of construction. The task of modern engineers is to search for optimal safe seismic construction decisions, even for seismically dangerous regions of the country. Dynamic characteristics obtained from 2 calculation models are investigated in the article: with seismic isolation and without seismic isolation. As an active seismic isolation rubber-metal supports are chosen as one of the most promising and modern methods. In the calculations, a seismic load is assigned for the area with seismicity of 9 points and for category II of soils. Calculations are made on a finite-element scheme, modeled in SCAD Office programs. The model is a section of a residential building located in Sochi. The characteristics of both computational models are compared: acceleration, displacement of the CE, torque, longitudinal forces. A comparative analysis is given and a conclusion is drawn about the effectiveness of using seismic insulating rubber mounts.