Peer review

The editorial staff provides reviewing of all scientific articles accepted to consideration. Peer review is carried out by independent reviewers. The whole process of peer review proceeds through the E-submission system. Reviewing in the journal is “single-blind”, i.e. the author of the article doesn't know the reviewer's identity.

Terms and procedure of peer review

The standard period for the preparation of one review is 2 weeks. Please, remember that the work of reviewers is carried out on a voluntary basis, therefore the review period depends on their availability and may be increased.

Based on the peer review, the reviewer chooses one of the possible conclusions:

  • accept;
  • send for revision - after the author completes the article, it is sent for re-review;
  • reject.

Usually, the editor appoints 2 scientific reviewers per article. But if the opinions of the reviewers are different, the editor may attract additional experts.

When sending an article after revision, the author should either correct the suggested by reviewer moments or explain the inability to do so. For discussion with reviewer and editor use the field “Discussion” on the article page. The standard deadline for the revision of the article is 2 weeks. If you need more time for correction, please, inform the editorial staff on the article page.