Polyurethane elastomer as an elastic material in seismic protection of buildings and structures

Building Materials

The article is devoted to the issue of reliable and economical seismic protection of buildings and structures. Of all the existing options, one most common type of point supports is chosen, which is a layered structure of alternately laid sheets of the elastic element and the metal. For elastic material, as having the best mechanical characteristics, a polyurethane elastomer is chosen. With the help of the servo-hydraulic system for static and dynamic tests Instron 8801, experiments were performed on axial compression to compare the mechanical characteristics of five different grades of polyurethanes: L167, V8000 + 7561 + BDO, 15s27, LF751D + L167 + Mokko, LF751 + L167 + Mokko at different temperature conditions. A comparative table is made of the modulus of elasticity change at a temperature close to room temperature and elevated temperature. The graphs of the hysteresis loop for each brand of polyurethanes are constructed.