Concrete with fibre-reinforced plastic rebar in cottage construction

Building Materials

The choice of the rebar type is one of the most important problems in civil engineering and especially in cottage construction. Rebar must meet the requirements for the durability, ruggedness and corrosive resistance. This building material influences on the future condition of the whole cottage. Fiber reinforced polymer composites (FRP rebar) was invented and started to be actively used abroad in the second half of the previous century. FRP rebar is less popular in Russia nowadays because people don’t “trust” this building material. Thus, the search and analysis of the characteristics of existing FRP rebar types that can be used in cottage construction is a practical problem. The purpose of the research was to examine three types of fiber-reinforced plastic rebar (glass-fiber reinforced plastic rebar, basalt-plastic rebar and carbon-fiber reinforced plastic rebar), estimate rationale for using of these types of rebar in cottage construction and to give the recommendations on further development of using fiber-reinforced plastic rebar in construction of cottages. In the theoretical part of the study the main issue was to determine whether fiber-reinforced plastic rebar can completely replace metallic one. The study proved that the usage of the fiber reinforced polymer composites eliminates the corrosion problems in civil engineering and cottage construction. The results of the study showed that it is essential to combine metallic and composite rebar to build a stable cottage. The study showed that glass-fiber reinforced rebar cannot be used in the conditions of temperature gradient. The experience of western countries was examined for better modelling of future prospects of FRP rebar using in Russia. Based on the findings, the recommendations on further development of using of FRP rebar in cottage construction are presented in this study.