The problem of fresh water deficiency in the world


In the theoretical part of the study the main issue was to find out reasons why humanity face the water deficiency. Previous studies have indicated that water deficiency will increase because the population is growing, and its need increases in many areas. Besides, global climate change also leads to desertification and reduced water supply in many areas. Moreover, industrial wastes and toxins, flush fertilizer from agriculture and penetration of salt water through groundwater pumping are also making things worse. The results of the study show that the authorities have to decide how to get enough water, so that it does not destroy natural ecosystems. Also, application of new improved methods of desalination will help to prevent shortages of water and increase its availability. Consistent to earlier research the study supported the hypothesis that everyone should calculate how much fresh water he uses to understand the global problem of water supply. The recommendations based on the findings are to use fertilizers which are not dangerous for groundwater, construct reservoirs for groundwater storage and install the filters on the chimneys and water purification.