Large-span structures for purposes of heritage sites

Building constructions, buildings and structures

The object of research is large-span structures for the presentation of archaeological sites in situ - construction of roofs, shelters, and bridges with the aim to provide support in the decision-making process for architects and engineers. Method. We examined existing practices and analyzed their engineering classification looking for a pattern in their application. Contemporary engineering structures at built heritage sites create a sharp contrast between old and new. A presentation of cultural heritage in situ requires an understanding of heritage theory and internationally accepted doctrine, which exceeds common engineering education. Nevertheless, the application of large-span structures, which often takes advantage of state-of-art construction technologies nowadays, is also an aesthetical statement that affects the appearance of the site. Therefore, we gave an overview of the theoretical background of aesthetical issues and the overall ethics of the decision-making process in such sensitive cases. Results. Within the framework of heritage presentation, engineering and architectural issues, and selected case studies, we concluded in favor of the application of large-span structures under certain conditions.