Shrinkage of expanded clay concrete: A review

Building Materials

The review of the concrete mix components on the shrinkage strain of expanded clay concrete (claydite-concrete) has presented. An analytical review of various authors in the shrinkage strain investigation of claydite-concrete is given. The influence variants of coarse and fine aggregate, sand, cement, water-cement ratio, and additives on shrinkage deformations are considered. Besides, effective strategies to reduce shrinkage by immersing claydite in water for 24 hours before investigation and options for various additives are considered. Based on the analytical analysis, it was concluded if one or several components of the concrete mix change, the shrinkage deformation can be differed by 2 times and, respectively, affect the concrete strength characteristics, durability, and crack formation. Prospects for future research on Belarusian materials are described in general terms.