Rupture and repair of artificial runway pavements

Building Materials

Plane is one of the most widespread kinds of transport nowadays. Planes are essential part of our life. Safety during the flight is very important. It is known that takeoff and landfall are the most dangerous moments of the flight. That is why it is important to make provision of the reliability at these points in time. A special airfield runway is necessary to make takeoff landfall operations possible. There are many different runway pavements nowadays and it is necessary to define the safest one. The main factors in choosing materials for aerodrome pavement are stability, safety during operations, coefficient of shagginess and smoothness. Quickness and robustness are very important factors while making a selection of methods of repair airfield runway. It has been discovered that all irregularities embarrass air staff during their work. It has been made with the help of questioning of pilots. The aerodrome pavement condition is constantly controlled with the help of different methods and tools. By so doing, it is possible to define operational endurance and necessity of repair. Previous studies have indicated immunities to usual workloads of different aerodrome pavements, behavioral ruptures and methods of repair of such materials. The results of the study show that pavements that are less subject to any changes are the safest. Based on the findings it has been discovered that definitive material for aerodrome pavements is in developmental stage now. That is why this problem is one of the most important capital problems under discussion in modern aviation. All researches are directed to determination of the material that would be steady to surface scaling and breaking down. Finding of such material will help to escape 10% of all flight accidents and safe a lot of people’s lives. Because of it, this problem is the subject of wide speculation