Polypropylene fiber-reinforced claydite concrete

Building Materials

The paper presents an analysis of the possibility of using polypropylene fibers for fiber-reinforced claydite concrete. An analytical review of empirical literature deals with the efforts of various researchers in production of the polymeric fiber-reinforced normal concrete and lightweight aggregate con-crete. Based on this review, it was concluded that the optimum content of polymer fiber by weight. Cases where polymer fiber reinforcement proves to be ineffective are considered. In addition, the variants of com-bined reinforcement by different types of fiber are considered: polymeric and steel fiber, polymer and glass fiber. The use of polymeric fiber and acrylic polymer is also considered. The results of the test of the first trial series of prototypes made of polypropylene fiber-reinforced claydite concrete are presented (the raw material used for making claydite concrete is found in the Republic of Belarus). From the analytical review, it is observed that the optimum dosage of polypropylene fiber is 0.5–1.5 % of the cement weight in claydite concrete. Prospects for further research are described in general terms.