Modeling and calculation of a two-stored power-and-efficient house for seismic control areas

Energy efficiency and thermal protection of buildings

In the northern regions of the Russian Federation (Tomsk, Novosibirsk and other regions), a project of an energy-efficient two-story building with a metal frame was developed and implemented. In many regions of the Kyrgyz Republic, such energy efficiency is particularly relevant. However, the introduction of the practice of building such buildings in mountainous terrain requires additional studies to assess the strength and deformation characteristics from the position of seismic safety. The problem of modeling and calculation of a two-storey energy-efficient residential building for seismically hazardous areas is considered. The model of the building under investigation designed and made in metal is presented, the stability of the structure is checked for various types of loads. The results of the study confirm the feasibility of the project for construction in seismically hazardous areas.