Sulphate resistance of waterproofing compounds based on cement containing dry construction mixtures

Building Materials

The sulphate resistance of two waterproofing cement-containing compounds on the basis of dry construction mixtures "RM-W Plus" and "HydroLastic" was investigated. The test for first year has shown that both compositions are sulfate-resistant and refer to the III (highest) group for sulphate resistance in accordance with GOST R 56687-2015. The values of deformation of expansion and increment of sample mass are obtained depending on the type of corrosive medium (distilled water and sodium sulfate solution) and the time of its exposure. In the case of the elastic two-component "HydroLastic" composition containing the polymer component, compared with the repair composition "RM-W Plus", there was a higher expansion and less water absorption. Absorption of water samples of both compositions was more significant than absorption of sodium sulfate solution