Protection of trade secrets in construction companies


The main issue of protecting confidential information is the desire of third parties to obtain this information for their material benefit or to obtain a worthy place in the market. The reliability of preserving confidential information often depends not only on the fate of the enterprise, but also on the safety of business organizers. The purpose of this article is to identify objects that are protected in the mode of commercial secrecy in construction companies, as well as to consider existing methods for their protection. The analytical method established that the best protection of information requires the introduction of a system of measures to preserve trade secrets, which include determining the list of confidential information, restricting access to it, as well as regulating relations for its use. The study showed that the high importance of trade secrets for successful work on the market forces entrepreneurs to pay close attention to information security issues. Refusal to comply with the regime of commercial secrecy can cost the company much more than the payment of security personnel and the purchase of special equipment