Pontilice of cable structure


The development of the city and the country can be determined by the number of bridges, the size and complexity of the road. One of the main goals and main tasks of the construction at present is the compliance of the construction of bridge structures with all strict requirements for safe operation. The purpose of this article is to study the main characteristics of cable-stayed bridges and to identify their advantages among other types of bridges, because they are one of the most discussed topics in construction. In the course of the work, an analysis of publications that correspond to this topic is carried out. The main characteristics of all types of bridges are shown. Also, a comparison of the two schemes of principle construction. Specific features of each type are determined and the main criteria for the strength of structures under the action of a mobile load are identified. As a result, the pace of optimization, the main directions of modernization are determined. The most acceptable materials in construction have been identified. Based on the results of the review of data on this topic, the accelerated rate of development was determined.