The history of the creation of the first Combined Heat and Power Plant in Russia

Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting

The purpose of the work is to describe the history of the Leningrad State Power Plant-3 (further SPP-3), on the basis of which the first Combined Heat and Power Plant (further CHPP) in Russia was created in 1924. The long period from the emergence of the station of the Belgian Anonymous Society on the Fontanka River embankment to its transfer to the operation mode of the Thermal power plant is considered. The biography of the main creator of the first CHPP - Ginter Leonti Leontievich is given. The contribution of Professor Dmitriev Vladimir Vladimirovich and other participants to its creation is described. The schematic and design features of the heat supply systems of the first three thermal consumers of SPP-3 are reviewed: heating systems of a residential building at 96 Fontanka, hot water systems of the Egorievsk baths, heating systems, ventilation and hot water supply of the Obukhov hospital. The stages of the reconstruction of SPP-3 with the transition to the mode of joint production of electric and thermal energy are given. The priority starts date of the centralized heat supply system based on SPP-3 has been clarified. The role of SPP-3 in the spread of heating in the country has been assessed.