Deformability of water saturated clay reinforced by vertical elements


Wide range of soft water saturated clays distribution. Not effective technical design used at the moment is generally based on soft soils exclusion from calculations. It leads to necessity of similar scientific researches. Use of different reinforcing elements at weak clays increases young modulus and improves water saturated soils’ deformability. Necessity of new deformation model Invention becomes obvious. Model that would explain behavior of soft clays reinforced by vertical elements. Current research
provides theoretical equations those are created based on review of recent scientific publications. Theory is developed based on assumption of soil’s and reinforcement conjunction deformability. Equations for reinforcement and soil’s body stress calculations are made based on sequence of processes at soft clays those appear after load application including consolidation, rheology. Proposed equations allow predicting foundation settlements’ figures depending on time for the cases when bedding consists from soft water saturated clayey soils reinforced with vertical elements. Calculated stresses allow calculating strains of reinforced soil as per heritage creep theory by Boltzmann – Walter. Invented theory certainly requires verification by number of additional tests that would deeply investigate time series deformation. It needs to be simplified by creating simple calculation software program