Dynamo platform for automation Revit

Building Materials

The use of BIM in the construction industry is enabling greater productivity and quality in workflows, reducing costs and downtime. However, there are still a series of challenges that must be overcome. One of them lies in the existing problem in the exchange of information between the agents involved in constructive projects. From an open BIM perspective (Open BIM), the IFC presents itself with the best open standard and neutral alternative used to facilitate this exchange. However, there is still a lack of knowledge about what this standard should be used correctly for the exchange in each case, and about the limitations existing in the programs when it comes to allowing their importation and exportation. This article analyzes and discusses some of the difficulties and shortcomings in this exchange process for the context of project development at the national level. The article concludes with the presentation of a case study to illustrate some of the problems in the import of models in IFC format can be corrected in an automated way. Specifically, using the Dynamo plugin within the Revit program.