Fire safety of historical area of the Tsentralny District of St. Petersburg

Fire safety in construction

Historically developed areas of St. Petersburg - the territory, planning and development of which was formed before 1917, and in the Soviet era, before the beginning of the period of mass industrial housing construction (1925 - 1956) [1]. The historical center of St. Petersburg is the territory of the central part of the city within the borders of the Admiralty, Vasileostrovsky, Petrograd and Central administrative districts [1]. The conditions of the existing historical buildings of the Tsentralny District of St. Petersburg do not allow to fully ensure fire safety. The main reason for this problem is the conflict of positions of such normative documents as Federal Law No. 123-FZ "Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements" [2], which establishes fire safety requirements for buildings and structures, and Federal Law of the Russian Federation of June 25, 2002 No. 73-FZ "On Objects of Cultural Heritage (Monuments of History and Culture) of the Peoples of the Russian Federation" [3], which allows to preserve the existing historical development in the same state. In this regard, the assessment and analysis of fire safety is an actual direction for the study, which is a comparative analysis of the actual indicators of existing buildings with regulatory indicators that can directly affect the lives and safety of city residents