Land planning of cottage settlements

Building constructions, buildings and structures

The purpose of the study was to find out the factors that significantly affect the suitability of the site for construction and land use planning. Based on the knowledge of these factors the terrain study was carried out. In this work site assessment is given and land management efficiency is developed using the knowledge of these factors. In the theoretical part of the study the main issue was the identification of factors affecting the development of territorial plans of land plots. By browsing construction rules and regulations the requirements that must be followed when residential building of the territory were studied. Based on the analysis of the territory planning cottage settlements factors influencing choice of area under construction were. Also, the criteria impacting the development of territorial land plans were revealed. These criteria include soil, transport availability, wind, topography, vehicle mode, the ecological status of the territory and others. It was determined that the interior layout of the territory depends on the availability of insolation, existence of internal infrastructure, recreational areas and other. Climatic and topographical researches were evaluated in the work. They must be undertaken before designing cottage village. Types of cottage village were considered in the residential format. Characteristics of favorable and unfavorable territories for construction were determined.