Deformation of concrete creep in the thermal stress state calculation of massive concrete and reinforced concrete structures

Structural mechanics

In general practice the calculation of thermal fields is often based on the heat equation solution as well as thermal stresses definition, linked with calculation of cracking resistance massive of concrete in construction period. A change in the thermal state of such structures occurs due to the heat liberation from cement hydration during the concrete hardening process, as well as outside temperature fluctuations, solar exposure, various technological factors, etc. Emerging thermal stresses may cause damage to the structural integrity. Calculation of thermal stressed state of massive concrete structures in the building period and value of cracking resistance are hard enough with a practice and engineering point of view. Some researchers close to solution of these problems in a simplified variant. The purpose of my thesis is creation of a method that could be consider the modern normative data about degree of a creep in calculating thermal cracking resistance massive concrete and iron cocnrete structures in a building period.