Restoration of the destroyed concrete surfaces of hydrotechnical structures of hydroelectric complexes on the Oredezh River

Hydraulic engineering

Currently actively developing methods of protection of concrete and reinforced concrete surfaces of hydraulic structures from various damage such as delamination, cracking, cavities, and others, as moderniziriruyutsya and new materials intended for repair and improvement of physico-mechanical parameters of the identified structures. In this work we present the results of the surveys of the surfaces of weirs and power houses belonging to the waterworks on the river Oredezh, a condition which today is not ensures the reliability and security of their ongoing operation. Were considered and represented zones of concrete structures most often subjected to destruction. It was also analyzed the main causes of degradation of concrete structures of hydraulic structures. Following the results of work requirements materials and different methods of restoration and further protection of the destroyed concrete surfaces designated types of structures on the example of the Rozhdestvensky of the dam located on the river Oredezh.