Ecology of cities with various schemes of the street and road network

Engineering and construction of roads, subways, airfields, bridges and transport tunnels

The growth and development of cities ensures a steady increase in the number of transport and road infrastructure. To analyze the existing situation, a comparison was made on this topic, collecting information on road systems of different cities in the world. The article examines the ways of urban planning and the types of the highway-road network. The maps of various cities of the world with violations of environmental safety are analyzed. During the research it was revealed that a huge number of factors affect the ecology of the city, however traffic of cars: congestion, improper high-speed mode on the roads due to unreasoned and illconceived planning of the street-road network - is the most devastating impact on the city. The analysis of advantages and disadvantages of types of road networks is carried out. Recommendations for planning and designing of construction and reconstruction of roads and streets of cities are determined. It is necessary to identify in more detail the impacts of existing natural and socio-economic systems and to make technical decisions to prevent or reduce the negative consequences