Factors affecting the quality of construction of unique buildings in Nigeria

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The object of research is construction of unique buildings in Nigeria. The population is growing, but there is no more land for construction. This circumstance necessitates the construction of high-rise buildings, rather than traditional buildings. The construction industry in Nigeria is quite a chaotic environment through all the stages involved. Developing countries encounter difficulties in the management of construction projects and processes. Method. Experts responded to questionnaires ranking the factors from least important to most important on a 5-point scale. The experts had to have completed at least university education (Bachelor’s). Kendall’s coefficient of concordance (W) was used to measure the agreement between the expert opinions. Pearson’s chi-squared test was used to test the significance of Kendall’s W by determining the existence of a relationship between the opinions. Results. The results of the research showed a significant amount of agreement in the ranking of the experts, especially in the most important factors. Factors directly connected to materials were observed to affect construction projects in the Nigerian environment the most. Labour and type of contract also have significant impact of the success of projects in Nigeria.