Deformation sheet piles of coastal protection structures, taking into account the effect of their self-weight

Building constructions, buildings and structures

The object of research is the design of structures used in hydraulic structures in contact with the soil environment are primarily associated with the mechanical properties of soils. Without this, it is impossible to form the conditions of the contact problem, to raise the question of stresses and deformations arising in structures, and also to determine the regularities of the distribution of reactive pressures. Method. The development of effective engineering methods for calculating dock structures in hydraulic structures, based on real design schemes, most fully reflecting the joint work "structure - foundations" can be solved by the Fuss-Winkler hypothesis. The advantage of this method lies in the fact that by introducing special functions called "functional breakers", proposed by Professor N.M.Gersevanov, made it possible to bring the solution to practical results. Results. The use of this method makes it possible to determine the deformations and forces of the walls of coastal protection structures, dock, chute structures of spillway structures, which are widely used in hydraulic engineering structures, taking into account the effect of their self-weight on lateral loads.