Optimization of energy efficiency design characteristics for construction projects

Energy efficiency and thermal protection of buildings

The organization of construction production determines the high importance of solving problems related to energy efficiency in the development of projects both in the field of construction of new buildings and in the area of reconstruction of existing residential facilities. This circumstance, combined with the limitations of existing scientific developments, determined the practicality of researching to develop tools for determining the characteristics of a constructive solution in the field of energy efficiency of a housing construction object. At the initial stages of the study, a review and comparative analysis of existing scientific developments were carried out, the corresponding vital shortcomings were identified. As part of the intermediate stages of the study, the structure of the procedure has been developed, which involves the sequential formation of analytical models describing the dependence of the value of the specific cost of the thermal insulation material on the importance of the technical characteristics of the material within each individual enclosing structure, followed by the creation and implementation of a fractional-linear optimization model to obtain preliminary (mathematically ideal) values of the technical characteristics of the material, as well as models of integer linear optimization for the formation of the composition of the most preferred samples (variants) of the material.