Representativeness of References in Russian PhD Theses on Construction Topics in 2019

Building constructions, buildings and structures

Lists of references of Russian Ph.D. theses in construction defended in Russia from January 1 to October 5, 2019, were stratified by date, amount of self-citations, language, and Scopus rating. The average list consists of 149 items, including 33 not in Russian (23,2% of total), 9 self-citations (6,2%), 16 self-citations, and references to the supervisor (11,5%), 18 not older than three years (13,1%). Nine Scopus-articles in English after 1999  are on the average list, including 7 journal articles, 2 articles in conference proceedings, and one article of SciVal leading scientists (0,9%). Half of theses (29 of 54) have no references to the articles of the top authors by scholarly output in SciVal topics, six theses have no references to Scopus-articles in English. The best by the average number of references to English Scopus are thesis сouncils 212.138.10 (Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, 5 theses), 999.183.02 (Russian University of Transport and Research Institute of Transport Construction, 2 theses) and 218.005.05 (Russian University of Transport, 1 thesis). The scientific level and scientific ethics of Ph.D. theses were not considered in this article.