Stability of steel centrally compressed rods in the methods of SP 16.13330.2011 and EN 1993-1-1

Structural mechanics

One of the necessary calculations in the design of steel structures is the calculation of stability. And today, when calculating steel structures, as a rule, engineers are guided by various normative documents. Such as, for example, the Russian code of rules (SP) and European norms (EN). In this paper, the methods for calculating steel centrally compressed rods for stability according to the normative documents of SP 16.13330.2011 and EN 1993-1-1 are compared. Variants of calculation methods are chosen, which ensure the smallest difference between the factors determining the stability in the two methods. The factors determining the stability of the rods are analyzed. Graphs of the dependences of the bearing capacity of the rod on stability from the length of the rod, the yield stress of steel, and the geometric characteristics of the cross-section are given. The difference between the results of calculations using two methods is analyzed considering the type of the cross-section of the rod. In conclusion, the results of the study are presented