Corrosion effects on ferroconcrete constructions of a transshipment complex of petroleum products

Building Materials

One of the most important problems now is the effect of aggressive environment on reinforced concrete structures. These effects can be a cause of future damaging effects. The purpose of this article is to review the reasons of the aggressive impact on the elements of the mooring structure, caused by the operating environment and technological factors. By reviewing the aggressive effects on structural elements, and by studying the requirements of current regulatory documents for the protection of building structures, and by familiarizing with the classical concept of corrosion, it was established that the existing standards do not allow predicting or setting the service life of building structures depending on the working conditions. A calculation was made, and signs of corrosion of the reinforced concrete structure were determined for different periods of time. The condition of reinforced concrete elements is predicted after prolonged exposure to aggressive environment. The calculation of the loss of strength of the surface layer of concrete. Determined the depth of neutralization of concrete when exposed to an aggressive environment. Conclusions about the possibility of using corrosion parameters to determine the service life of reinforced concrete structures