Complex security of the high-rise building «Lahta center»

Building constructions, buildings and structures

Construction of high-rise buildings was always the hardest deal among all types of construction objects. Besides, there is a big risk for the people working at an object and being close to it. Therefore it is necessary to consider a complex of actions for protection of people and the environment at all stages of construction. The multipurpose complex "Lahta Center" is used here as a considered example. The purpose of this work is to determine main measures of ensuring complex safety. At the same time such tasks as consideration of fixed assets and security systems at all stages of life cycle of the building are carried out. The result of the work is the definition that the comprehensive security of the multi-functional complex "Lakhta Center" is achieved through the application of a set of technical measures, the use of technical means and the conduct of organizational activities carried out at all stages of the life cycle