Russian and foreign standards of seismic design of buildings and structures

Building constructions, buildings and structures

Despite the constant reviews of regulatory documentation for construction in seismically hazardous conditions, the problem of ensuring the safety of buildings and structures during an earthquake is relevant. The article compares Russian methods of seismic calculations of buildings and structures and methods used in countries with developed earthquake-proof constructing, such as the USA, China, Japan. The regulatory documentation used in the EU countries were also studied. The article considers such key possitions of regulatory documentations as design of maps of seismic zoning, local geological conditions, response spectrum, shear deformations and methods of analysis and calculation of the constructions. As a result of the comparison, significant differences were revealed, which can affect the correctness of the seismic resistance of structures. It was found that a serious revision of the regulatory framework of the Russian Federation is required to ensure the safety of the population living in seismic areas