Reconstruction of the mooring quay river port of Cherepovets

Hydraulic engineering

During field research anchored revetment Cherepovets river port installed it unacceptable physical deterioration. In this connection, it considered two options for the reconstruction of the mooring quay: a rim of anchored revetment and reconstruction in the form of the creation of grouting in the area adjacent to the quay wall. The second option for Reconstruction waterfront structure is new and requires a comprehensive review. Additionally, construction work is considered in the latter stages of the reserve bearing capacity - when a plastic hinge. This corresponds to the appearance of yield strength of the metal wall in the area most exposed to corrosion. The issue of reconstruction of mooring facilities such as "sheetpile bulkhead" is actual due to the growing number of berths that do not meet modern requirements, and also allows to exceed the estimated service life, significant physical and moral wear