Lightweight concrete as a material for wall construction

Building Materials

Development of energy-efficient buildings materials is a relevant problem of modern construction. Concrete is very popular today because it has unique properties and can satisfy any requirements of the builder. But even this material has essential disadvantages. Therefore, we can observe tendencies of improvement of its characteristics and fabrication technique for the last decades. New types of concrete such as lightweight concrete quickly gain popularity. The purpose of the research was to determine the feasibility of using lightweight concrete as wall materials. Advantages and disadvantages of this concrete had been identified through the analysis and review of scientific publications. It is on the one hand the small weight, low heat conductivity and a high immunity to noise interference, and on the other hand high moisture absorption and low strength which limits their use in the bearing structures. The study showed prospects to produce more durable lightweight concrete which could find application in civil and industrial engineering and in the construction of buildings for special purposes. The derivations were made concerning expediency of their application had been presented as a result of the research.