Designing the territory of the cottage village in AutoCAD Civil 3D

Building constructions, buildings and structures

Nowadays each company that builds infrastructure facilities, needs to lay new federal routes, highways, local roads, bridges, tunnels, and the design of various complex territory. And the key point in this process is designing. Thus, a certain set of tasks has been formed, for which there are specialized solutions. AutoCAD Civil 3D is a new and original product in the building software market. This program is becoming more popular in the design organizations involved in the development and design of overall plans. Objective of the study is to consider the stages of designing the territory of a cottage village and how AutoCAD Civil 3D can automate this process. The basic functions of the Civil 3D discuss in this article. These functions help to automate and facilitate the work of specialists at individual stages of designing the territory of a cottage village. By analyzing the stages designing and exploration functions of the AutoCAD Civil 3D, it was determined that this software package allows to significantly reduce the project time and reduce labor costs, while the quality of work remains at a high level. The main feature of the program is the modeling of the territory with all the facilities, with the ability to dynamically update the drawings when designer making changes to survey results to the release of project documentation.