Use of processed plastic products in road construction. A review

Строительные материалы и изделия

The object of research is the use of recycled plastic in road construction. The incineration of plastic waste in waste recycling plants is harmful to the environment due to the release of toxic gases, so the use of recycled plastic products remains the only environmentally friendly solution. To assess the advantages and disadvantages of modern ways of using recycled plastic waste in road construction, studies carried out in recent years in this direction were analyzed. Methods. For compiling a survey, there were used only modern sources. Results. It was revealed that today the main way of using recycled plastics is to modify the asphalt mixture with them. This method does not require new production technologies and is advantageous from an economic and technical point of view. However, studies show that polymer modification of asphalt mixes is harmful to the environment in the long term due to the abrasion of the plastic and the release of toxic substances. Another way of introducing plastics in road construction has great potential from an environmental point of view - the creation of roads from plastic plates. By using separate wear-resistant layers, these plastic boards are environmentally friendly and fulfill their function. But examples of the use of plastic plates are still too few to analyze their effectiveness because their technology has not yet been finalized. The result of the review is the conclusion that further research should be carried out in the direction of designing plastic roads from polymer plates or blocks.