Open elevation WorldDEM in comparison with aerial laser scanning

Строительные конструкции, здания и сооружения

The object of research is open digital elevation models - Airbus WorldDEM with a spatial accuracy of 24 meters taking into account the anthropogenic environment. There was analyzed their’s compliance with the real surface (a result of aerial geodetic surveying) for different coverings in the territory of Nizhny Novgorod agglomeration, Russia. Used method of researching – create compare surfaces between two data sources (by survey and open elevation – WorldDEM) with subsequent sorting count of points by their's elevation’s differences. In each area, we had been finding places with the biggest elevation collisions and determined real objects, which were the reason for detected collisions. As a result, we made a conclusion about the possibility of using WorldDEM for villages and water surfaces where elevation’s collision is less than the data’s accuracy; there are many deviations in parks and forests with dense natural; in high-rise urban's environments there is permanent vertical’s offset in results surfaces, that may be a reason of no-detail (24m) of used open elevation data.