Economic, environmental, and social benefits of green building

Строительные конструкции, здания и сооружения

The object of research is the problem of the introduction of green construction. The main economic, social and ecological advantages of green construction are given. Brief explanations and justification of the need for the construction of green buildings are given. Method. The basis for the development of a calculation formula for determining the comparative economic efficiency of green construction is based on the method of comparing the total reduced costs, taking into account the factor of their different times and areas of application. At the same time, costs are taken into account in the field of creation and supply of environmentally friendly building materials and structures, in the field of construction of energy-efficient construction facilities and in the field of operation of buildings and structures. Results. The conducted research allows us to conclude that the additional costs for the construction of a green building pay off during the first years of operation of the building, bringing considerable profit in the future. And for eco-resistant buildings, plus to the specified economic effect, it is necessary to add a significant improvement in the physiological and social aspects of living in such buildings.