Application of BIM Technologies in the Smoke Removal and Fire Detection System in High-Rise Buildings

Строительные конструкции, здания и сооружения

The existing fire extinguishing systems are not economically efficient enough and do not take into account the scenario of fire development. At the same time, fire and smoke detection systems significantly worsen safety, since they create an addiction to false positives for users of premises. This article discusses a method for extracting data from a BIM model and their relationship with the operational model of a building for calculating fire risks. As a result, a way to reduce them is presented, by redirecting the flows of people using a monitoring system and using an interdisciplinary transition to implement an industrial fire extinguishing system in civil construction. When setting tasks for automated scenario selection, it is necessary to take into account multifactorial mathematical models of linear programming with several criteria, where the main one is complete evacuation, and auxiliary ones are minimizing damage to human health, minimizing economic losses for the operating organization, and others.