Design of Modular Structures and Use of Prefabricated Sanitary Modules. A Review

Строительные конструкции, здания и сооружения

Modular structures can be seen as a game-changing technology, as they provide faster construction, safer production, better quality control, cost-effectiveness, and lower environmental impact compared to traditional on-site construction. These advantages can be maximized in the construction of high-rise buildings or in the construction of large residential areas consisting of houses with typical architectural solutions. With a combined annual growth rate of 5.69%, the modular construction market is projected to expand to a market value of $ 154.8 million by the end of 2023. Traditional design and modular design differ in many aspects, including design, collaboration, logistics, and others. The technical challenges associated with the widespread adoption of modular design offer potential solutions for future research. The article considers an example of using a prefabricated sanitary unit with various components, and also presents a calculation of economic efficiency.